Responding to Emergencies

Throughout the pandemic, Frank has led by example to help residents of Northwest Indiana.  He has promoted blood drives, delivered food to seniors and our healthcare workers, and coordinated emergency response capabilities through the Northwest Indiana Information Sharing and Security Alliance. 

Frank was also proud to support the American Rescue Plan, a bill that reinvested in the economy of Northwest Indiana and established a national vaccination strategy and a federal vaccination site in Gary.

Growing the Northwest Indiana Economy

Frank is running for Congress to create good-paying Frank was proud to vote for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which makes much needed investments in our ports, airports, waterways, roads, bridges, and railways, and we are fortunate to possess all of these in Northwest Indiana. This law also makes notable investments in our broadband and a Northwest Indiana economy that works for everyone.

Most recently, Frank included funding for ten specific projects for Northwest Indiana in the appropriations legislation, that benefit the Gary Chicago Airport with first responder vehicles, our ports, waterways, shoreline erosion, technology upgrades for the Gary police department, and academic institutions of higher learning to prepare our students for the 21st century workforce. Frank is also proud to support the more than $1billion expansion and extension of the South Shore Passenger Rail Line that is now under construction and you are seeing the private sector investments already beginning.

Advocating for the Health of People

Frank ran for Congress to advocate for the health of people – including the most vulnerable in our society, the elderly, our children, and the veterans community.

He has seen the challenges that face individuals and families who lack the resources to adequate health care.  One of his main priorities as the Representative for Indiana’s First Congressional District will always be to improve access to affordable health care options.

When Frank was Trustee, his office represented and advocated on behalf of thousands of people who came into his office struggling to secure access to quality health care, pay their rent, keep the lights and heat on, and take care of basic family necessities.

Frank knows first hand the struggles of vulnerable individuals in our region, including the elderly who have been in need of assistance paying for prescription drugs, pregnant women in need of care, children who have been victims of sexual exploitation, and veterans who have been in need of mental health services.

Defending Women’s Rights

Frank is a staunch supporter of women’s rights, and that includes the rights to access medical treatment, to have autonomy over their own bodies, and the ability to make their own life decisions.

He is a pro-woman public official, with a record of cosponsoring and supporting the Women’s Health Protection Act, because he believes in equality for women, and that women should have every protection under the law to be treated fairly, paid fairly, and have every right to access safe reproductive care.

As the father of two daughters, he will continue to fight to ensure that they and every woman can make the best decisions they wish to make about their own bodies, their own futures, and their own economic opportunities.

Supporting Public Education

Frank is proud to have secured the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers Indiana and the National Education Association. Frank has always taken every opportunity to express his appreciation to teachers and demonstrate to communities how indispensable they are to creating the next generation of thinkers and problem solvers.

As a Member of Congress, Frank has continued to be an active supporter of teachers and students, and he will continue to work to ensure that public funds are dedicated to support public education.

Additionally, one of his signature initiatives as North Township Trustee was the establishment of the No More Secrets program.  In establishing this program, he collaborated with teachers, school districts, and Indiana legislators to create this program to protect children from predators.  Specifically, this program facilitates conversations about body safety, Internet safety, and phone responsibility, and it currently educates, enables, and empowers all students in every k-12 school in Indiana.  He would not have been able to establish this program without the incredible persistence and support of Indiana teachers, who shared his value of ensuring that resources are available for all students to be able to focus on learning, growing, and developing the skills needed to solve problems and be contributing members of our communities.

Protecting Our Environment

As Congressman, Frank has fought to ensure that our nation makes the investments that are necessary to protect our precious environment. It is past time that the federal government recognizes the value of science and the challenges of pollution and climate change. Workers of Northwest Indiana must have safe working conditions and produce the innovation and alternative energies that are necessary to meet this challenge.