April 25, 2020

Merrillville, IN – Today, Frank Mrvan issued the following statement regarding the Indiana Chamber of Commerce in light of their involvement in the Indiana Democratic primary election.

“It is important for voters to know that the Indiana Chamber of Commerce has not been a friend to unions, public education, or our environment.  The Chamber was relentless in their advocacy and support for Right-to-Work in Indiana, and I am opposed to their efforts to promote Right-to-Work as a national policy.  I went to Indianapolis in 2011 and stood with tens of thousands of workers on the steps of the capitol building to protest against the Right-to-Work policy that has been devastating for unions.  I also am greatly concerned that the Chamber is currently urging the elimination of actions under the Obama administration to protect labor organizations, public education, and our environment.  

“While I appreciate the engagement of the local chapters and their participation in the legislative and political processes, the Chamber’s federal positions are at odds with Democratic priorities, including promoting the health, safety, fair pay, and organizing protections of union workers.  I also would point out that Congressman Visclosky, who has been a true public servant and supporter of our regional economy, has a lifetime legislative score from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce of 34 percent.  Given the Chamber’s involvement in the Indiana Democratic primary election to support the Mayor of Hammond, I would encourage all organizations and unions who support the Mayor to reassess their decision.

“These are challenging times that are highlighting the vast amounts of economic insecurity and inequality in our region, and we must all work together to support the restrengthening of our economy for all workers.  As your Member of Congress, I will fight every day, as I have for my entire career, to grow our economy with good-paying union jobs, and I will always vocally fight against any policy that harms public education, the protection of our environment, and the rights of workers.”

Frank Mrvan is a Democratic candidate for Indiana’s First Congressional District.  For more information on his candidacy, please visit his website at www.mrvanforcongress.com.